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Food for Thought

Food for Thought: Breaking Bread Building Bridges 

is a Colorado Springs Diversity Forum dialogue series. Dialogue assumes that many people have pieces of the puzzle. Dialogue is also described as civil discourse, "the language of dispassionate objectivity", and ... "it requires respect of the other participants. It neither diminishes the other's moral worth, nor questions their good judgment; it avoids hostility, direct antagonism, or excessive persuasion; it requires modesty and an appreciation for the other participant's experiences." Kenneth J. Gergen

Participate in conversations among people from a variety of backgrounds and experience shared over dinner! Topics which tend to generate a variety of opinions are discussed with the support of ground rules and a neutral facilitator. Several groups are formed each quarter and will commit to meeting 5 times in the following 6 months to engage in respectful dialog.


Food for Thought Breaking Bread Building Bridges FAQ's and Application

*Please save a copy of your application in case of error.

Here is what people who have been in a Food for Thought group have to say about their experiences in the program:

"The Food For Thought is the best hidden event in this community. I had asked my God for some opportunity to talk and share with others and the door was opened. How cool was that. The folks that I met were wonderful people to hang out with. The issues were fruitful with a sweet and sometimes bitter taste. But most of all having an opportunity to safely share your opinions and still feel good to know that you've been heard was nice." Belenda Cornelius, Food for Thought participant.

"I've really enjoyed my participation in Food for Thought both as a facilitator and a participant.  Even when people have very different points of view I found that everyone, including myself, has to dig a little deeper to understand the issues and the various points of view."  said Dee Hiatt, participant and facilitator in numerous Food for Thought discussion groups, "Engaging in these discussion remind me that I have I don't always have the answers or know the subject as well as I thought.  I quickly found out that I can learn from someone else, even if I don't' agree with his/her opinion. Food for thought has introduced to some wonderful people that live in Colorado Springs that I probably never would have met otherwise.  Along the way I've also gotten to know myself better and have a deeper understanding of the various issues that face our community and our country."

"Food for Thought has allowed complete strangers with very little in common to meet and learn from each other. We are no longer strangers and have more in common than we originally thought." Ada Torres, MA

"Nothing we talked about changed my mind," remarked Dale Comyford, a self-identified conservative."But, I started to understand why other people think in ways that I don¹t necessarily agree with. And, I think, vice versa ­ the reverse happened. We could talk with one another and find that we made sense to each other even if we didn't always agree." 

"It was all I thought it would be and more. It tested our comfort zone because of people from different walks of life, hearing their perspectives and offering your own perspectives with no concern for someone getting offended" said Vic Tise, Food for Thought participant "By all means, if you want to be able to freely share your perspectives on issues about the community and enjoy dialogue with people very much different from you I would encourage you to go!"

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