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Making Colorado Springs a more diverse and inclusive community is the responsibility of every community member. As a grass-roots, community-led organization, the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum is seeking the active participation of both organizations and individuals to help us achieve our mission. Involvement comes in financial, through,membership, sponsorship and volunteerism.

Help the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum build an inclusive and welcoming community that fosters mutual respect for all people. 
To find out more information about becoming a member, please download the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum Membership/Sponsorship PacketIf you would like to join online using the Pikes Peak Community Foundation secure website click the donate now button below to make your membership donation. See our membership and sponsorship levels!

Or submit by mail: Checks payable to: Pikes Peak Community Foundation/ CS Diversity Forum and mail to Colorado Springs Diversity Forum PO Box 904, Colorado Springs  CO  80901

Membership is an enduring commitment to diversity & inclusion

Helping Colorado Springs become the welcoming and inclusive community we want for all of our citizens will take a sustained effort on an ongoing basis. As members of the community, we are all stakeholders in getting this job done and progress will be measured one person and organization at a time. As a “forum,” the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum is trying to facilitate collaboration between a myriad of organizations already engaged in diversity activities as well providing resources and expertise for initiatives that are larger than individual organizations can accommodate. As such, membership provides us both the financial support and the human resources necessary to achieve our mission.

Business, organizational and individual memberships

Businesses and organizations are powerful advocates – they mobilize people and resources to accomplish big goals. Corporate and organizational members work for change not only by supporting programs and activities that build respectful communities, but also by creating welcoming and inclusive workplaces. 
Join our growing list of members

* Scholarship/sponsorship of individual membership available on a case by case basis.

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