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CSDF works in conjunction with community partners and members to bring our community programs and initiatives which include dialogue, education, celebration and awards

Food for Thought: Breaking Bread Building Bridges 

Diversity and Inclusion Awards and Luncheon

Educational speakers, workshops and seminars

Everybody Welcome: A Celebration of Culture and Diversity

2013 General Membership Meeting Topics
March 6 - Elections
June 6 - CSDF Diversity Resource Guide Training
September 9 - 21st Century Library - What can we do in our newest library facility?
November 7 - Member and Sponsor Recognition & History of Pikes Peak 
Native American Community Presentation and Exhibition

CSDF Diversity Resource Guide
for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

How do you start, assess or build your diversity program?

Let us help you!
June 6th, 4-5 PM

East Library

CSDF General Membership Meeting

Free and open to the public


Join us for a training with CSDF Board Members on how to effectively use CSDF’s FREE Guide. It is a starting point for examining your existing culture, to continuously improve your progress and for finding ways to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment within your business. Spark innovation.    
Food for Thought: 
Breaking Bread, Building Bridges 
Next Launch October 2013

Participate in conversations among people from a variety of backgrounds and experience shared over dinner! Topics which tend to generate a variety of opinions are discussed with the support of ground rules and a neutral facilitator. Several groups are formed each quarter and will commit to meeting 5 times in the following 6 months to engage in respectful dialog. Next session begins January 31, 2013.



Take the Reigns

                 April 2013 Election Education Panel

                             Wednesday, March 6th

                    4 pm Tim Gill Center for Public Media

                             315 East Costilla Street.




Denise Whinnen, CSDF Board of Directors, Chair of the Public Affairs and Government Relations Committee


Dave Munger, President of the Council of Neighborhood and Organizations

City Council Redistricting Process - Why now? How we got here and what the proposal looks like.

 Gary Fornander, Member of the Governing Board of Colorado Common Cause

Election administration and campaign finance at the local and state level 

Veronica Frias, and Anthony Giola, Better Pay, Better Candidates

Council Pay - Creating a more diverse and representative council

Susan Davies, Executive Director of Trails and Open Space Coalition

April City Election - TOPS Ballot Initiative - Pros and Cons 

Kristy Milligan, Executive Director of Citizens Project

Candidates - Who's running, up-coming forums and survey resources

Frederick Douglass - February 27th



Panelists are women representing a warrior transition battalion at Fort Carson. Hear about their experiences in the military and in combat, about the challenges of navigating military systems, and about the ways in which gender plays out in military settings. There will be ample opportunity for reflection and questions from the audience.  

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013 @ 6:30PM

Gaylord Hall, Worner Student Center, 

902 North Cascade Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Questions: Joe Barrera 719-432-7247 


Colorado College 

Colorado Springs Diversity Forum Veterans Remember Community Dialogues. 

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