Affiliate of Pikes Peak Community Foundation

PO Box 904, Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Volunteers & Committees

  • Executive Committee
    • Chair: Gary Peacock, Market Manager, WalMart Inc
    • Immed. Past Co-Chair:Shirley Martinez,EEO Specialist Human Resources, Colorado Springs Utilities
    • Vice Chair: TBA
    • Secretary: Dee Vazquez Sabol, Community Engagement and Outreach Officer, Pikes Peak Library District
    • Treasurer: Tamarin Apaydin, CFO Rocky Mountain Health Care services
  • Standing Committees
  • At Large Members
    • Jon Duncan, President, Managed Business Solutions
    • Josh Deere, Attorney, Hanes Hrbacek & Bartels LLC
    • Sue Hamilton, Ad Director, Colorado Springs Business Journal, Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group
    • Elva Munoz, Senior Business Banker, Vice President Wells Fargo
    • Deborah Oleson, District Manager, Sodexo Healthcare
    • Pam Sawyer, Managing Director Human Resources, United States Olympic Committee
    • Michelle Talarico, Co-Owner, Picnic Basket Catering Com Cravings Special Events and Buffalo Gals Grilling Co
  • Ex Officio Members
    • Dennis Apuan
    • Jacqueline Buster, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Fletcher Howard, Commander, Falcon Division, CSPD
  • Past Board Member Advisory Council
    • Jody Alyn
    • Vic Andrews
    • Julie Boswell
    • Glen Bruels
    • Judith Cara
    • Cornell Clinton Colbert
    • Connie Dudgeon
    • Bob Edelbrock
    • Mary Lou Makepeace
    • Jan Martin
    • Mary Ellen McNally
    • Bill Mead
    • Paula Miller
    • C.J. Moore
    • Jeff Murrell
    • Una Ng
    • Jay Patel
    • Jeannie Porter
    • Joy Powell
    • Susan Saksa
    • Will Temby
    • Urban Turzi
    • Hank Watson


Volunteers are the heart of this organization. Please consider contributing your time to building the community we all want to live in!

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